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PipeGlove is the next generation in reusable insulation for pipe, fittings and valve protection. PipeGlove is a product engineered to perform as well as science allows, yet it is simple to install, going on and coming off, as easily as the installer’s work gloves.

Water (moisture) is the enemy of outdoor insulation! It attacks in many forms, from torrential rains, to snow, ice, and humidity. And the challenge of any type of insulation jacketing is to prevent the infiltration of moisture. Once moisture ingresses to the insulation - over time - ultimately renders its insulative values useless. Not to mention the inevitable and irreversible effects of corrosion on metal piping due to compromised jacketing and wet, moisture laden insulation. PipeGlove is purposely-built and engineered with a “Stay-Dry Insulation” design. No soggy, corrosion-causing, worthless insulation and wasted expense.

When the need to modify, repair or inspect existing plumbing is necessary, conventional tin clad insulation is extremely difficult to reuse, at best! Most plumbing changes require re-insulation…meaning another insulating service call…not so with PipeGlove. Its modular, custom-fit design provides a glove-like fitment to pipes, fittings and valves. It’s quickly installed in any weather conditions, easily removed for plumbing changes and inspection and easily reused - over and over again - like the installers gloves. In fact, you should think of it as a reusable glove that was custom-made for your plumbing, the end result being even more cost savings!

No other reusable insulation offers so many protective benefits. PipeGlove utilizes Velcro-fastening componentry – no awkward buckles, hooks or cords. No longer are tin snips, sheet metal screws and caulk sealants required. Nor are there any accompanying, potentially-harmful, jagged tin edges. Power tools are a thing of the past. No more accidental cut and costly damaged heat-trace…Saving you money and time!

PipeGlove is designed to ensure top performance in extreme conditions, capable of protecting all types and sizes of pipe in all types of weather. PipeGlove’s low thermal conductivity is made up of materials that handle the elements: sun, aging, oxidation, moisture, oil, many chemicals and fire. All the while, protecting pipelines in extreme temperatures, ranging from -50°F to 500°F (-45°C to 260°C) of tolerance. High temp, high wattage heat-traceing not a problem.

PipeGlove’s Target Goal:
• Increase the life expectancy of insulation
• Reduce or Eliminate Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)
• Protect insulation against mechanical impact
• Protect from extreme conditions: UV, Moisture, Oil and Chemicals
• Easy to use: simple to install, remove and re-install
• Provide an economical solution

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